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Location: Phnom Penh Capital  ID: VA002  Date: 25/06/2021


To Live, Not Just Stay

The Diversified Moments Of Life

You're entitled to enjoy the benefits of a modern living experience including extraordinary residential/business facilities and services.

Also in such a place we can say several things are predictable, for example the cash flow if you decided to rent it out and the potential price rise of your property.

● Facilities To Elevate Future Property Value:

Foyer&Walkway: beautifully designed and very well maintained and managed, they are the first impression that will result in preserving your property’s future value.

● Facilities Used On A Daily Basis:

Parking garage, fully equipped gym, convenience stores, social spacing

● Facilities On Paid Services:

Cafes, restaurants, lounge, ball rooms (especially business meetings and wedding banquets bring high occupancy rate)

● Facilities To Improve the Living Environment:

Eye-catching Infinity pool, Skybar&Sky Garden

5D Garden

Stay Active For Residences From All Ages

① Riverside Green Embankment: dock for private yachts, waterscape plaza

② Terrace Garden: a relaxing space, perfect for doing yoga and strolling

③ Hanging Gardens: little tropical jungles hanging outside the corners of each floor

④ Infinity Pool: indoor and outdoor, signature skybar, V-club lounge

⑤ Rooftop Above The Clouds: walkways, featured sky-high cinem

Vue Aston Condominium
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St.349, Koh Norea Village, Sangkat Niroth, Khan Chbar Ampeou, Phnom Penh

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